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We also do maintenance for other companies.

​Depending on the degree of deterioration, maintenance may not be possible.

Please feel free to contact us.

Maintenance content

・Repair of cutting edge

・Overall repair

(Since the handle is removed for the whole repair, it may be damaged depending on the condition of the handle.)

*If the pattern is damaged, it will be purchased at the customer's expense.

​・ Honbazuke

​・Pattern replacement​

Maintenance flow

① Fill in the necessary items in the maintenance request form below (fax or mail is also possible)

If possible, please send the photo data by email. →

The workshop will contact you regarding confirmation of repair details, cost, delivery date, etc.

​ ↓

② Send the knife to the workshop (advance payment)

  Maintenance work

*Depending on the condition of the knife, it may be necessary to change the details of the repair.

   We will contact you and consult with you each time.

​ Knife repair completion and shipping notification (including cash on delivery and shipping)

③ Receipt

Repair date: Scheduled from the 22nd to the end of each month.

​*If you leave it after the 22nd, it will be finished in the next month.

We also accept applications by e-mail or fax. ​

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