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Features of the Marushin Knife

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At our workshop, we do not mass-produce by machine manufacturing.

Each piece is handcrafted with all our heart.

We are working hard every day so that everyone can love us for a long time.

Made-to-order knives that are created through direct discussions with craftsmen are also very popular.

(Additional amount will not occur unless there is a significant change)

Features of Marushin Knife


We make each knife by hand, not mass-produced by machines, so we can make original knives that suit our customers..

Directly handled by craftsmen

At our workshop, our craftsmen directly listen to the customer's requests, so it does not take time to respond, and we will also respond to detailed requests such as dimensions, thickness, weight, and shape.

solid technology

He also trained in Sakai, the home of kitchen knives, and has a career of more than 28 years as a sharpener. The technique is highly supported by chefs, and it is a proof of trust that we are currently receiving many requests from home and abroad.

Marushin knives are rare and precious Japanese knives

While most Japanese knives are mass-produced, Marushin knives are made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen. The difference from other companies is that, of course, the sharpness lasts, maintenance is very easy, stress-free, and you can use it for a long time.

Superlative finishing

All of our knives are processed for professional use, such as "mirror gusset processing" and "mine (mune) shaving processing". This is an often overlooked part when buying a knife, but it is a very important factor in terms of usability of the knife.

​Name engraving and wrapping service

Japanese-style hand-carved names in kanji and, You can choose a laser engraved name that can be engraved such as alphabets in addition to kanji.

Wrapping can be wrapped in a drawstring bag or wrapped in a furoshiki wrapping cloth.

​There are multiple wrapping variations, so please choose from the images.


Marushin's products are made with a focus on selecting materials and cutting edge shapes that are easy for customers to maintain.

Therefore, maintenance after purchase is very easy and the sharpness is sharper.

​We also provide maintenance after purchase, so you can use it with confidence.

​*We also accept maintenance from other companies.


About order products

*Additional charges will not be incurred unless there is a significant change.

<Flow of production>

① Please reserve a date for a meeting with the craftsman.

  Basically Monday-Saturday 15:00-18:00, but please contact us if you would like to work outside these hours.


② If you have a paper pattern (a piece of paper with a shape written on it), it will proceed smoothly.

*It would be appreciated if you could describe the thickness etc.

   For those who live far away, it is sufficient to have a meeting over the phone if you can send it by fax or mail in advance.

   There is almost no additional charge, but if there is, we will inform you at the time of the first meeting, and we will inform you of the additional amount at a later date.

(3) Produce the ordered product and have the customer check it.

<Confirmation method>

  • Check the image and exchange by e-mail or telephone

  • Mail the kitchen knife to the customer and have them check it (the customer is responsible for the shipping fee) Exchange by email or phone

  • ​Please come to the workshop and check

Please let us know your preferred confirmation method when you contact us.


Since custom-made products are made while meeting with craftsmen, it takes an average of 1 to 3 months from meeting to completion. If it takes more than 3 months, we will inform you in advance.

​In the case of nearby customers, we can have frequent meetings, so the finish is slightly faster, but for customers far away, it may take a few days due to the telephone meeting. Thank you for your understanding.

*If the production is decided at the first meeting, the full amount including tax will be paid in advance within 7 days. Once payment has been confirmed, we will begin production. (Transfer fee will be borne by the customer)

*Please note that ordered products cannot be canceled and cannot be returned or refunded.

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