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It is precisely because we are weak that we weave warm bonds.
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Ruriko Kaji / Kawaichi Co., Ltd.


Born in Ehime Prefecture

After graduating from a local high school, he entered a university in Kobe.

After graduating from university, he returned to his hometown of Kawanoe City (currently Shikokuchuo City) and worked as an elementary school teacher for three years.

After marrying Mr. Kaji of Kawaichi Co., Ltd., he retired from teaching and engaged in the family business.

As an officer of the PTA and as a human rights advocate, he also actively participates in community activities and volunteer activities such as the Mimusukai (Iyo Mizuhiki Kinfuku Cooperative Association).

Q. Please tell us about your lifework, Mr. Kaji.

In today's world, there are various SNS such as Line and Facebook, and it's good to have such connections, but it's rather troublesome to try to connect with people through real connections. I feel like it's time to Does it depend on the region? While various things have become more convenient, it seems that such connections have become weaker.

For example, elderly people go to day services. Then you won't be there in the daytime. and come back in the evening. Thanks to the development of such services, my family has been greatly helped in terms of safety and security, and although this is a very important thing, I sometimes feel that the connection is a bit disjointed. In the past, when we met our neighbors, we would talk to each other and help each other, but I think that kind of connection in the local community, or warm relationship, is gradually disappearing. There is. That's why it's easy for people to move around on their own, but on the other hand, it's hard to help when something happens. I feel like I shouldn't get too involved with people. In the past, I would have rushed to see a child crying, thinking that it might be abuse, but now it would be better to report it to the police. Don't go inside the house now. It's a convenient society, but I wonder if there's no such connection. A lot of such problems come up in activities such as school officers and human rights protection committee members. There are some things that can be solved by meeting and talking with each other.

For example, even if there is a facility or organization where you can consult, people who can go there are energetic people. People with real problems can't go. I can't turn the dial. Think about how many people like that exist in this world. I have a child who doesn't eat breakfast. There are a lot of adults who are worried. But he pretends to be fine, he pretends to be okay. It would be great if we could become a society that encourages people like that. If someone is a little depressed, I want to ask them, "Are you okay?" I'm a weak person, and we all have weaknesses, so when I'm healthy and strong, I want to help someone else, and when I feel a little tired, I want someone to help me. . It's a basic thing, but human beings are warm, so I want to convey that warmth to everyone more, I want them to convey it.

I think that human warmth is a warmth that can never be created.



〈After the interview〉

During the interview, Kaji mentioned the words “en” and “connection” many times.

Mr. Kaji nodded with Ehime's unique soft intonation and always accepted the other person's words.

I think they know that facing others politely comes around in the loop called "en". I think it's the person who can imagine it specifically.

Kaji's image of edge may be exactly the same warmth.

Kaji's own warmth permeates his surroundings through his concrete images.

And I hope it will be contagious in the relationship.

Interviewer: Yuko Goda (Japakaru)

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